Gamification of your contents

3D Advent Calendar with Third Person game elements

This tool consists of two components:

1. Unity WebGl Build (the actual game)
2. Html layer (as container for the daily contents).

The respective content opens in an iFrame, which is laminated over the actual game. To continue the game is possible just by hiding the overlay (click on the closing cross)

The content for each day is from a technical point of view an html file. This can be an especially designed page or any external website. Thus, all media are possible which can be shown by modern browsers. (text, images, video, audio, interactive content)

The customization of this calendar takes place via an XML file, which contains a list of 24 URLs. As an administrator, in this list you can define one web address for each day. If you do no changes, the default contents (like shown in this demo) are used.

Possible applications for this calendar are:

On request, of course, an adaptation of the actual game is possible. Within certain limits, the look of the Christmas world can be personalized.
We look forward to inquiries and feedback via mail to: